The Benefits of a Realtor who Understands Technology

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Benefits of Having a Realtor, who understands technology

Lets face it, the internet has changed the way real estate operates.  The web has changed the process for both home buyers and home sellers.  Technology has done quite a number on Realtors also.  Keep in mind that historically, Realtors were generally an older group.  As a general rule, you don’t see a huge influx of younger people starting out in real estate.

Because the average Realtor age is much older than the average in the workforce, many Realtors today have had major challenges grasping the new world of technology.  When the web really influencing real estate, there were still some power player agents, that dominated their markets, simply from reputation and referrals.

The Passing of the Guard

As that group of Realtors got out of the business, either retired or passed away, we were left with a bunch of agents that didn’t really understand the new way of doing things.  Many Realtors fought the internet every step of the way claiming they didn’t need it or couldn’t learn in.

Today, you have three groups of real estate agents.

Struggling Agents

Many Realtors today are struggling.  They did not grow up with technology, not sure how to use it – but fully understand that they need to.  These are the agents that are trying to keep up – but find it extremely difficult to master new real estate technology.

Their personality makes them want to use the same tools everyday.  They feel comfortable with that.  But they understand that they MUST learn technology to stay viable.  These agents also get very frustrated upon a critical technology piece, such as the MLS, upgrades and “moves their cheese”.

The No Tech Realtor

They still have some of these left.  These are the agents that learn the bare minimum to keep them afloat, but absolutely no more.  These are the Realtors with the 6 year old iPhone.  They sometimes take three rights to make a left, but they eventually get there or ask someone for help.

For many of the NO-tech Realtors – because they have had years of success (before the internet changed the role of the Realtor) – they can afford to have an assistant.  For these agents, their assistant handles all of their technology issues and lets the agent do their thing.  For these, their days are numbered.

Finally… The Tech Savvy Realtor

The tech savvy real estate agent could be old or young, but they embrace technology.  They look forward to releases of real estate technology that they can benefit from.  They generally have a great website that ranks well and are doing different types of digital marketing. This is the type of real estate agent you want if you are buying waterfront property.

This is the type of Realtor you want to sell your home.  They leverage all of the available technology to come up with the best price.  They are constantly looking for new and fresh ways to use digital marketing to get an edge over the competition in the competitive world of real estate.

Why You Need a Great Realtor

A large quantity of trust is had to work with a real estate agent. Choosing the right agent From young families buying their first home to sellers want to insure they  have priced their beloved home properly.  Realtors have a fiduciary duty to their clients.  That essentially means that they must put your financial well being above their own. hey are working with an individual who is working in their best interest.

Since it is often hard to establish a sense of trust with an individual that you cannot communicate with, choosing the Tech Savvy Realtor will insure that your agent is available by email, text, instant message…hell you can reach them on Twitter if you want!

Why a Website Matters

A great real estate website is also critical when choosing the right agent to represent you.  Your agents website will ultimately be where may potential home buyers go to see your property for the first time.  If you are buying a home, you want your Realtor to be able to provide you with the best tools fore searching for homes for sale.

A good real estate website will provide you important insight into the personal life.  It should discuss their training, what designations they may have and where they are on their continuing education.

Transaction Management

The website should be able to track your real estate transaction. All of the forms that you sign should be neatly organized there.  In addition, from the Realtors perspective, their site creates the real estate forms as well as the electronic signature.

.Technology is designed to make things easier.  If you don’t have an agent that is leveraging technology in their favor, you need a new agent.

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